Individual Therapy

Everyone can feel stuck at times, but when your difficulties feel overwhelming it can be beneficial to get support. I help individuals get a fresh perspective, learn how to utilize their strengths and create new opportunities. Why Seek Individual Therapy? Do you seem stuck or unable to change self-defeating … [Read more...]

Group Therapy

Learn about yourself, receive support and build connections in a dynamic, safe environment with an experienced group leader. Get real-time feedback and develop insight to hone your interpersonal skills. The best part is, you’re not in it alone. What is Group Therapy? Group psychotherapy is a highly effective and … [Read more...]

Couples Therapy

Repair disconnection, find intimacy and deepen love with your partner. Develop healthy, productive ways to communicate with each other and get your needs met. Your relationship is worth it. All you need is someone to help you along the way. What is Couples Therapy? In spite of couples loving each other, we can all … [Read more...]


Even motivated people, who have achieved much success in their lives, can benefit from individualized attention. In order to accomplish what is truly important to you, it is important to step-back, strategize and have accountability. As your coach, we will prioritize your goals and create momentum to close the gap … [Read more...]