BridgeEven motivated people, who have achieved much success in their lives, can benefit from individualized attention. In order to accomplish what is truly important to you, it is important to step-back, strategize and have accountability. As your coach, we will prioritize your goals and create momentum to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

What is Professional Coaching?

Coaching is an interactive partnership where your inherent strengths are identified and developed to help you achieve your objectives. Individuals who work in demanding roles (at home or in their careers) often don’t have time to focus on the big picture. The responsibilities of life and the necessities of day-to-day functioning can completely consume your attention. And oftentimes, a friend, family member or colleague doesn’t have the time, skill, or motivation to hold your goals with the highest importance. Having a coach means there is someone completely focused on your ambitions and is with you every step of the way.

My job as your coach is to provide structure, unbiased feedback, accountability and support for you to accomplish your goals. Together, we will cut through the clutter and confusion of everyday stress to identify what is truly important to you and map out a path to get you there. You will leave each of our sessions with an action plan that is manageable, success-filled and creates momentum.

The Benefits of Coaching

Coaching can bring you clarity, hone your priorities and accomplish your goals more quickly. You can benefit from coaching if you wish to:

  • Tackle a daunting professional, personal or academic challenge
  • Improve motivation, time management and goal setting
  • Hone interpersonal effectiveness and communication
  • Improve organization and productivity
  • Explore career paths or make career changes
  • Start or expand a private practice or small business
  • Sharpen leadership or negotiation skills
  • Obtain professional advancement or promotion
  • Create more balance in your life
  • Optimize relationships at home or work

To learn more about how personal coaching can benefit you, contact Board Certified Coach Theresa Bullock Cohen


If you’re thinking about personal coaching and have questions, here is some useful information to get you started.

1. Why choose coaching?
Coaching is for success-oriented individuals who are motivated to achieve goals and optimize their lives, and who want a trained professional to help with clarity, prioritization and accountability.
2. How is coaching different from therapy?
Coaching and therapy are different and should not be confused with one another. Therapy is a healing process where individuals learn to cope with painful emotions, symptoms, or addictions that are negatively affecting their health or hampering their ability to fully function in the present. Therapy often focuses on how past experiences influence present day distress, whereas coaching is for people who are focused on the future and highly motivated to achieve specific personal, professional or academic ambitions.
3. How do I get started?
Coaching is done over the phone or in-person at my office in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Because there is no geographic boundary for coaching, it doesn’t matter where you are. I offer a complimentary introductory coaching call to tell you more about my services, hear about your goals and to determine if we are good fit. In our first session, we will design how we will work together, identify priorities for action and establish your desired outcomes.
4. How long and how often are the sessions?
Phone or in-person sessions are 50 minutes in length. They can be scheduled weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly as your needs and schedule determine. Unlimited email contact between sessions is offered to keep you motivated and focused on your goals and actions.
5. How long does a coach work with an individual?
The duration of the coaching relationship varies depending on your type of goal, your motivation and the frequency of our sessions. Some clients want focused coaching for 90 days to achieve a specific goal and other clients find it helpful to work with a coach for a longer period of time. We will create and customize a plan and a timeline that works best for your needs, resources and schedule.
6. How can the success of coaching be measured?
It can be helpful to conceptualize your outcomes in two ways: external deliverables and internal changes.

External deliverables could include an achievement of a specific personal or professional goal established at the beginning of coaching, such as: completion of a key project, obtaining a promotion, creating a new career path, securing a new job, generating a business plan, increasing revenue/income, a successful relocation, reducing debt, achieving a wellness goal, or creating a retirement plan.

Internal shifts might be, for example: increased productivity, enhanced leadership skills, reduced stress, improved communication skills, increased self-awareness, better time management, improved relationships, more flexibility with change, increased confidence, feeling happier or more satisfied with your personal or professional life.

7. Is coaching confidential?
Information shared in our coaching sessions is confidential, as per the ethical guidelines of the International Coaching Federation, to whose core competencies I fully adhere.
8. Do you have a coaching specialty?
I work with motivated individuals who have a variety of both personal and professional goals. I have experience working with people who want to optimize their relationships, increase their productivity, complete a major challenge, understand the dynamics of their workplace, advance in their profession, make a career change, start a small business, or create a better work/life balance.

I also have a particular interest and extensive experience in working with social workers, counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists to help them reach their goals. I coach clinicians in these professions with career decision-making, goal completion, burnout avoidance, private practice development, target marketing and retirement planning.

9. Why choose Theresa as your coach?
Not all coaches are created equal, and few have the breadth of professional knowledge that I can bring to the table. As a professionally trained and licensed therapist, I have a unique understanding of the psychological underpinnings that affect motivation, procrastination, conflict avoidance, competition, fear, performance anxiety, and stages of change. As a certified group psychotherapist, I have specialized knowledge about group dynamics and how they play out at work, with families and in relationships. As a board certified coach, I have the training, experience, and skills to get you where you want to be.


“After graduating from college and working in the same industry for 10 years, I knew I wanted a change. Theresa counseled and challenged me over a six-month period, providing activities, structured discussion, and insight. Theresa’s career coaching was a critical component in my career shift. I highly recommend Theresa’s coaching services to anyone thinking about making a career change.” – Employee Benefits Counselor

“Working with Theresa as my professional career coach was absolutely pinnacle in launching my new business venture. The insight and knowledge she provided helped me understand what it truly takes to start a small business, and now I am proud to say that I am a successful small business owner.”  – Small Business Owner

“Theresa is organized, skilled, thorough, and motivating.  With her support and guidance I was able to develop a very successful private practice much quicker than I would have thought possible.  I highly recommend her!” – Private Practitioner

“I cannot speak highly enough of Theresa.  She strikes the perfect balance between challenging me when I need to be challenged, and knowing how to provide just the right amount of support.  Her expertise and support have been invaluable.  She has been with me every step of the way as I have launched my practice.  She helped me with the nuts and bolts of building my business, and I know I can count on her to always have great ideas for my practice.”  – Social Worker in Private Practice

“As a great listener with tremendous patience and thoughtfulness, Theresa possesses all the key attributes of a successful life coach.  She has helped me feel more energized to challenge myself and reach both my goals. I would recommend Theresa to anyone looking to bring about a positive change in their personal or professional lives.”  – Writer and Homemaker

“I’ve know Theresa on a professional basis for well over a year. Her clinical skills are exemplary and she is a thoughtful, caring person who has your interest close at heart. As a professional coach, she has not only provided me with specific feedback and advice, but she has been the most enthusiastic cheerleader one could hope for. I recommend her highly and without reservation.”  – Social Worker and Private Practitioner

“When meeting with Theresa to brainstorm about setting up my private practice I felt very supported. After familiarizing herself with my circumstances, aspirations,and strengths she used her creativity and vast professional knowledge to make suggestions for me. I left the meeting energized and very confident, and with a very concrete to do list.” – Private Practitioner